this is it, this is it

I did it. I started a blog. I have told a lot of people I would and now I am. I kind of made Australia a front for this and would say, “yeah, I think some people back home might be interested in what I’m doing and stuff”. But really I wanted to make one and I just didn’t want to sound nerdy. So if I did tell anyone it was just for other people to know how I’m doing, I apologize because that was only hardly true. I very much enjoy journaling, no matter how lame it is.

I have a journal that my dad bought me before I went to Mexico for a summer and have written in it a lot, and I guess this journal will be the topic I write my first “post” around. I have only written in it once in the last six weeks that I’ve been in Australia. You see, this journal is about 98% full now and I just can’t bring myself to fill it up. Every time I open it and see that there’s only one and a half pages left in it I always decide my current thoughts are not worthy enough to be the final words my scratchy pen puts on the pages(scratchy pens are way funner to write with than regular pens). All I have to do is buy a new journal, but this brings me to another problem: I am really cheap. Laziness probably enters into the equation somewhere also.

But anyway, I will be putting up stories and updates and thoughts and pictures up on this, so look away as often as you want. Preferably several times a day. It’s kind of funny, I am writing this as if I am writing it to someone besides me, when no one even knows this exists. So spread the word suckaz.


This is what I look like as of sometime last week………in case any of you were wondering if I have gotten any better looking. Sorry to disappoint.



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