Planes, rough neighborhoods and airport terminals. How I got to Aust

I have lived in Australia for six weeks now and it has already been a pretty intense six weeks that has seemed more like 3 months. For you who don’t know, I had a pretty good amount of trouble getting to Sydney. I was lucky enough to get a buddy pass from a friend who is a pilot for United airlines, which means I get a really cheap ticket, but have to do some things that normal revenue passengers don’t. One of the extras a buddy pass flier has to deal with is flying on standby, which is where I will begin telling my travel saga.

I was scheduled to leave Denver on the 21st of January, get to LA that night and fly out of LA to Sydney at 10:30 that night. On the 21st arrived at the airport with my Bass, two 50lb suitcases and a carry on, just to find out the flight to LA was over-booked and, being a stand by passenger, that there wasn’t a chance I would be able to make that flight. We drove home that night knowing the flights to LA looked better on the 23rd. I hung out for a day and a half in FoCo and on the 23rd we returned to DIA where I had no problem getting to LA. I had a couple hours in LA before my flight to Sydney that night so I sat in LAX terminal 74 for about four hours. 9:00pm rolled around and I started getting very excited.

I have told this story to a lot of people, so it’s not very fun to tell again but what ended up happening was I couldn’t make it on that flight that night so I had to call a relative of some friends that live near LAX at about 11:30pm and see if it was okay to stay at their house. We worked it out to where I could ride a shuttle bus from the airport to a hotel in El Segundo(made famous by “A tribe called quest” where Q-tip left his wallet). which is only a 30 second walk from these peoples house. I arrived at the hotel close to 1:00am where aunt Wahyu, who was honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, met me and showed me to her house. She fed me and we talked for a little. At one point in our conversation Aunt Wahyu looked at the clock, noticed it was about 1:30am and went over to the front door and ever so calmly jammed a chair under the knob. She walked back over to the area we were talking like nothing happened. Meanwhile I am having a miniature panic attack thinking my life is in danger and looking around the kitchen for a big knife or sharp umbrella or something I could use for defense. Apparently El Segundo is a pretty rough neighborhood, even compared to G-town aka Fort Collins.

This was me in my room at the house photo-109.jpg

For the next four nights I would load up my belongings around 7:00pm and catch the bus from the hotel to the airport, get my stand-by ticket, wait through security, sit in terminal 74 for 2hours(thank you arrested development), find out there was no way I would be able to get on the flight, watch the flight take off and then catch the bus back to the hotel, return to the house and go to bed. After four days of this routine, I began getting very hopeless and confused. My parents and I decided to look at other options of getting to Sydney. We ended up changing my LA-Sydney flight to LA-Honolulu because we found a relatively cheap Honolulu-Sydney flight. I got on the flight to Honolulu no problem, spent 13 hours in the Honolulu airport and on tuesday, January 29th, I landed in Sydney, the happiest boy in the world.

A lot has happened since then also, but really I would be surprised if 5% of the people that start reading this post actually finish it because it is the size of Texas and about as interesting. Ooooooh shoot, in your stupid face Texas. So yeah, maybe you enjoyed that. If you did let me know.



5 thoughts on “Planes, rough neighborhoods and airport terminals. How I got to Aust

  1. I read the whole, stinky. I miss your face.

    PS what is with your freaky holding kittens thing? It’s awfully strange!

  2. What! You were in my state and you never even called! I’m so offended!! ;o)

    Andrew, I’m excited for what God is about to do through you and with you. Be His instrument!

    Take care of yourself. I look forward to reading of your adventures down under!

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