how things are

so when I was preparing to leave for Australia, although it is very far from home, it was not too hard because I knew it wouldn’t be that hard to adapt. It’s not like I’m in Ethiopia. But still there are some things, mostly little, that are a change from the U.S. For example, the first night I was here I woke up to a baby screaming it’s face off and I was a little concerned. That’s actually just how birds sound here. They look really cool, but don’t sound very nice. Some sound like babies, some like monkeys, some like pterodactyls.

Toilets here are different, there are two buttons on the top of the toilet; one for small flush and one for big flush. And when you push the button it’s not like a drizzle running down the side of the toilet, it’s like a dam broke.

Hamburgers have beets in them

There is no: Taco Bell, Dr Pepper, Pop Tarts, Root Beer, 1$ menus, wal mart, cinnamon life cereal…………and probably some other stuff I have waned since I’ve been here. You can buy Dr Pepper at a store called Sugar Fix that has a lot of American stuff that you can’t get here, but a 24 pack is 40$.

Shopping carts are called trolleys

Traffic goes the opposite way, which I was forced to get use to quickly after almost getting hit by several cars. Also, the crosswalks here are much cooler and make an awesome Star Wars lazer gun noise when it’s okay to cross.

Australian’s have a sense of humor that is impossible for me to not laugh at.

Ketchup is called tomato sauce and pronounced tomahto sauce. If you say ketchup to someone at McDonald’s they will roll their eyes and grab you some. If you say tomato sauce with the hard “a” the will say, “it’s tomAHto sauce”. And even if you say, “can I have a bunch of tomAHto sauce, they will give you two packets.

Ice cream is way better. Probably worse for you, but it’s so creamy and thick. Ice cream cones at McDonald’s are only 30 cents. I have had several

There apparently isn’t really an Ozone here, so sun burns happen a lot easier. A lot of people will say, “Oh I don’t really get burned”. They always get burned


2 thoughts on “how things are

  1. That is all so very interesting…

    yes my brother still likes to call Ketchup tomAHto sauce(you better not do that) and it is quite annoying.

    do you like timtams? I love them!!

  2. Hey. You don’t know me but thanks for this blog.. funny and insightful as I’m considering making the move to Australia from the States for a year to attend college. Although the whole lack of a Taco Bell might present an issue! Hope you keep updating. God bless.

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