cinco de mustache round 2

April is near. Last year that meant something awesome. Initially it meant all the males in the click were to grow a mustache starting on april 1st and continue it until the 5th of may(cinco de mayo-hence cinco de mustache). Pretty soon word got out and a lot of ignite was in. My end result was nothing too impressive. I had a bit of hair but it was pretty invisible UNTIL i had the brilliant idea of putting mascara in it, which made it disgusting and awesome.

This year cinco de mustache has reached it’s sleazy arms all the way into Australia. There are already 25 confirmed guests for the Hillsong Cinco de Mustache facebook event. That probably means nothing, but it makes me think that this cinco de mustache is going to be awesome. I’m hoping that i have grown in masculinity some over the last year and hoping that this year I could display a proper stache. I will put up pictures every couple of days showing my progress. VIVA MEXICO



2 thoughts on “cinco de mustache round 2

  1. Count me in- but I don’t think I’m going to start at the beginning of April, or there will be no kissing for me for a month solid

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