I have been thinking about justice so much recently. What it means and how not many people care at all about it. I have been thinking a lot about injustice and how hopeless some things seem.

Justice and Love. I don’t really get why Christians care more about being successful than they do about seeing justice come on earth and loving people. This has all been on my mind a ton and I’ve been having conversations with people about it. I’m still very confused. I can’t figure out what I really think. Is it wrong to have a nice car? How nice should it be? Some people say if you don’t need it then don’t have it. How far should we go with that? I have an ipod. I don’t need it. I have a laptop. I have four pairs of shoes. I have something like 20+ t-shirts. I eat at least 3 times every day. I have a nice guitar. I think that it is ridiculous to have a $60,000 car. But maybe the person with the $60,000 car makes $200,000 a year, gives $110,00 of it a year to his church and to other beneficial things and spends $90,000 on himself and his family. Then it’s okay. Maybe. Does God want us to give away everything we don’t need? Should he only be keeping enough to provide for him and his family? And no one can really answer this question because who says they are right?

Rich Christians in an age of hunger. Is it okay to be rich as long as you are not selfish? As long as if you were to walk past a homeless guy without a coat, you would give it to him? I have no idea. I don’t want to say that it all just depends on the convictions of the individual, because a lot of people are totally def to what God is convicting them of. And loving people, in the bible, is not a conviction, it’s a commandment.

So what’s the problem. I’m reading Blue like Jazz right now. I didn’t want to at first because I had heard people talk about it like they were Jesus because they had read it. But there is some great stuff in it. At one point Donald Miller is talking about similar topics and he comes to the conclusion that “I am the problem.” The only person I need to worry about is me and I just need to make sure that I am doing what God is telling me to in order to see Justice in the world. I still think it’s a good idea for everyone to go be apart of something that is not at all about us every once in awhile. Every time I start thinking about all this I always end up re-realizing that the only possible solution is that God would bring justice in any way possible. And it will happen.


3 thoughts on “justice

  1. Andrew,

    This is something that is pretty much constantly on my mind. Having decided to dedicate the next four years of my life to study and make movies, I am constantly tortured by the thought that I will be going into a career path that is completely selfish; there is certainly a huge difference between making movies and dedicating your time and money to helping the needy or starting a church and so-on.

    This brings up self-sacrifice. A bachelor’s in fine arts is not going to help me get hired by any sort of company. There are hundreds of art students that sacrifice better-paying jobs, a ton of money, and better circumstances because they’d rather make paintings. In the art community they are not successes. They have to work jobs that people with just a GED can get to support their desire to paint.

    Is that selfish? Or are they refusing to deny a Godly calling? I am honestly not sure.

    I want to make movies and things like that to entertain, to make people happy, to inspire them, and to show them the Godly good of the world. Can I really do that, or is it an unrealistic goal?

    Sometimes I am really not sure if what I am doing will ever do any good for anybody besides myself.

    These are tough questions, and ones I haven’t completely answered for myself. But I know I am not making movies because I want to make millions of dollars and live in Hollywood. I don’t expect to. But I don’t think it’s neccesarily realistic to sacrifice everything you have but might not need because it would be a better way of loving people. God wants you to be happy just as much as he wants everyone else to be happy.

    Strive to help others, but don’t hurt yourself.

    Also, I love you and miss you.

  2. Especially during my time at Bible school, I dealt with a lot of similar questions and issues – and I still do deal with them. They’re important things to think about, and being around guest speakers and other people that are talking about that love and justice (or any topic for that matter) will cause you to search yourself a lot.

    The most important thing is that you’re dealing with the questions. It was the frustrating and rewarding experience of my time in Dallas. And I like I said, there are still a lot of questions that I deal with. It will increase your understanding of the Bible and your relationship with God, or it can turn you into a head-knowledge pharisee that is living by the law and not by what is heard from God.

    Seek God. Search the Bible. Let Him speak to you about it. Just never let difficult issues and you feeling like your not living up to what a guest speaker is dedicating his/her life to. If I did everything every guest speaker told me to do, I definitely would have burnt out and become an agnostic by now, because it robs you of life. Apparently I don’t evangelize enough, pray enough, help homeless people enough, serve enough, I have too much money and am self centered, I don’t have enough money because I don’t have enough faith (so-called “povetry mentality”), understand enough about politics, prophesy enough, heal people enough.

    Though I know that you need to come to your own conclusions about all of this- here are just a few things that I feel like God has shown me through a lot of my questions:

    The main thing is that we’re a body – 1 Corinthians 12. Christians are all going to be doing different things- different giftings, different callings, in different countries, with different cultures and different lifestyles. I agree with Donald Miller- I just need to do what God is telling me to do. Your Donald Miller quote adds, “to bring justice to the world.” I think that I would add, “to accomplish the Great Commission.” I see justice as one part of the Great Commission that needs to be accomplished. All parts of the body, regardless of what it is they’re doing though, I believe, should find their ultimate goal in fulfilling the Great Commission.

    It seems to me that when some people really find what they’re calling in life is, that they get so excited about it that they assume that it must be everyone’s calling. “It’s right for me so why shouldn’t it be right for everyone?” they seem to think. So you end up hearing 100 people tell you that you need to do 100 completely different, and individually respectable things, in order to please God.

    Anyway, I just have to first of all- do everything I can to know God, and secondly to let Him direct me and convict me through the Bible and Him speaking to me.

  3. You have definitely been talking to Jahred too much!! haha!
    This topic is sooooo dodgy because noone really knows exactly what is truth. Also, noone who has anything can say we’re supposed to give everything away because they themselves haven’t done it.
    Here’s what I think it boils down to…your heart. Can that guy who makes $200,000 a year, gives over half away, lives on the rest, and drive a nice car justly? I think so! As long as his heart is justified through Christ. So what if he has a nice car? It’s not your place to judge him! Why don’t you take your eyes off of everyone else and put them on yourself. When you’ve actually accomplished it yourself, maybe then you have some room to judge, (I doubt it though! ha!)
    God blesses us with what we have and it’s up to us as to how we use it. If we use it wisely, he’ll continue to bless, if we use it unwisely, he won’t.

    keep diggin deep bro!

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