What’s hot and what’s not: right now

This would be cooler if I could make a table, but we’ll see how we can work it out

HOT                                                                                          NOT

Bible classes                                                                        Assessments

Music classes                                                          not being that good at bass

Newness                                                                               Unfamiliarity

30cent ice cream cones                             prices of anything besides 30cent ice cream cones

Hazelnut spread                                                                      Vegemite

Nickelcreek                                                                             Nickelback

Reading books                                                 Not playing Super smash brothers Dojo

Beaches                                                                                    Aids

Oatmeal                                                         Eating oatmeal three times a day

The Rock                                                                          VX poison gas

My mom                                                                              your mom

Watching “No Country For Old men”………………..I’m going to go do that now, so there’s no not


3 thoughts on “What’s hot and what’s not: right now

  1. When I was on my DTS in England all I listened to was Nickelcreek, it is great music for being away from home. 🙂 This is a hilarious post, btw. Especially Aids. That is definitely a “not”.

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