The heart of life

there are some songs/song writers that are so good they make me so filled with emotion of all sorts. The best kind are ones that don’t only sound amazing but have awesome memories attached to them. It’s real bizarre sometimes. I’ll be listening to itunes on shuffle and then a song will come back and all these memories come shooting at me. Sometimes they bring back sucky memories but for the most part it’s just awesome. The biggest ones for me are:

Feist-the reminder-september-december 07

John Mayer-Continuum-Driving to and from estes park for Ladies Advance 07

Philmore-The Bare Truth About Philmore-Manzanillo

Starting Line-Make Yourself at home-Scottsdale

The Early November-The Room’s too cold-9th grade

This Providence-This Providence-Dallas

Norma Jean-Redeemer-12th grade

Yann Tiersen-Les Retrouvailles-KB

Mew-And the glass handed Kites-Scottsdale

As Cities Burn-Son I loved you at your darkest-Summer Internship

Dabney Morris-Songs from a broken violin-Florida

The list could go on. This was the funnest post to write of all time. I don’t even care if anyone ever reads it because it made me happy. If you did read it and there’s a song or an album that reminds you of me, you should tell me.

Good night


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