in my own little corner

I just slept in an actual bedroom for the first time in 3 months, and it was amazing. For the last 3 months 4 of my roommates and I all just had mattresses on the floor in our main living area. Then last week one of the guys(Dillon) moved into the empty bedroom and then a couple days after that one of the other guys(Caleb) moved into the other bedroom that already had one guy(Kyle) in it. They were all rantin’ and ravin’ about how great it was so yesterday I decided to move into the room with Dillon. I slept so good. I have not been able to sleep past 9:00 straight through since I’ve been here, but I just slept until 10. This room is working wonders. Yesterday I bought some stuff for my room that I am excited about. I got a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter so I can plug my bass and guitar into my computer and henceforth record higher qual. The best part though is this.

It was only three bucks and it makes our whole flat smell great. I have grape fruit scented oil in it and it is so good. So far I was right about the quality of this weekend. Dodge ball was pretty rad last night. It was rainy so there weren’t as many people but it was intense. Dodge ball is like 10% skill and 90% trash talk, which makes me pretty decent.

I’m going to go make another attempt at making egg sandwiches as good as my mom makes them. How does she do it?

-The well rested Andrew Connor


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