even better

I wish every weekend could be as cool as anzac weekend. As I’ve previously mentioned, this weekend has already been sweet. Yesterday was real chill and last night there was a “United” night at church, which was great, followed by a prayer meeting that was rad and lasted two and a half hours. While at United night I was asked if I wanted to do any work today and I was like, “eh maybe.” Then I found out what the work was. I got paid $20 an hour today to read the bible. There is a new cd rom version of the NIV that’s coming out so I, with 9 of my friends, got paid to read the bible while my partner listened and made sure the new version wasn’t missing anything or vice versa. We got through a good chunk of Genesis, most of Leviticus(I had a girl partner so there were some funny moments in there. If you’re confused just direct your attention to Leviticus 15), all of Joshua and a tad of Deuteronomy. We worked from 9:00-4:00 so after taxes I will probably get paid $120. Even if I get hit by a bus or mugged or something this weekend has been so good that it wouldn’t drop the overall rating of this weekend too far down.


2 thoughts on “even better

  1. Cool, they pay you to read the Bible. Gotta love it! Thats provision.
    Now if they’ll throw a few bucks an hour for prayer you will definitely take up 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (Pray without ceasing!)

  2. you got paid to read the Bible out loud??? That is bizarre. My mom use to put tapes of some man reading the Bible on for me and my sister to fall asleep to. I bet I would still get sleepy if I head those tapes today. You will be that same memory for some little girl or boy someday.
    Okay- my most sincere apologies on all the LOST info. I hope I didn’t ruin anything for you. That show is getting soooo good. Really crazy stuff is happening. You seriously need to download them and catch up.
    So cool that you got to see Delirious. I am a HUGE fan. They have been the most consistent source of christian music in my life. it brought me through some pretty rough times when i was far away from God.
    Hope you are doing good, andrew. I love your blog!!!

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