2 xtreem 4 u


Dodge ball-thursday. Cherrybrook park. Approx 50 people-25 on each side.

It was about five minutes into a game, therefor the majority of both teams were sitting on the side lines. I’m dodging balls left and right and throwing whenever I get the chance. Some more of my team gets out so now there’s about five or six people left on my team and closer to ten on the other team. A ball is thrown at me, bullet fast and with terrible intentions. I see it and get ready to catch it. The ball was coming much faster than I had calculated and in trying to catch it I bounce it up and slightly behind me. After a few nanoseconds of grief I realize that there’s a chance I could still catch it. It hasn’t touched the ground ergo is a live ball. My eye locks on the ball as a sniper does on his target. I awkwardly run backwards a short while but soon come to the realization there’s now way I will be able to reach it. So I dive.

these are just my hands. You can’t see my arms or side or knee

It was called “the integral catch that lead us to win that game”

Here’s an idea of the valiance in which I may have appeared–http://youtube.com/watch?v=mrCQGxjIsUE


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