sinko day moostowsh finale

So now that cinco de mustache is officially over around the globe, I will unveil my final product.

the result of 36 days of not shaving my lip.

Slightly unimpressive to some, but to the few participants that stayed strong for the whole month, showing their appreciation for Mexican culture and supporting those of us who haven’t had taco bell for 4 months; I am part of a brotherhood.¬† It looks killer in the sun light. Probably 90% of everyone who started growing mustaches at the beginning of April quit for the dumbest reasons ever. They would say, “it was so gay!” I would hear, “doi doi doi.” They would say, “I looked like an idiot!” I would hear, “I’m afraid I won’t attract any girls with it.” The excuses were abundant and the mustaches became sparse. Pretty much the only people who went the whole time without shaving had pretty crappy mustaches(besides me of course). That’s what made it so awesome. We were kindred spirits.

Let’s move on

I got a new hobby. One my mother and sister embraced long ago.

I freakin’ crocheted a beanie. Well I crocheted the majority of a beanie……..then I ran out of yarn. It’s so sweet though, I can buy yarn of any texture and color and crochet the raddest beanie ever and make some sweet dough. Me and a couple other guys started and we’re thinking about going big with this. We want to make tags and logos and everything to put on the bad boys. I can’t say much about it, we’re still in the early phases of planning.


2 thoughts on “sinko day moostowsh finale

  1. you are hilarious, when I read that you took up a hobby that mom and I like, I figured it was puzzles or sudoku but for 1,ooo dollars i wouldn’t have guessed crocheting. Well done.
    P.S. congratulations on the mustache it looked really great, I remembered that it was cinco de mayo there right after i hung up with you the other day, once again
    well done.

  2. Andrew,

    NICE BEANIE! I will be your first customer, that is if you have one big enough for my big melon. Also, about the stache, I feel your pain with the whole reddish/blond facial hair.

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