there’s no place like [cyber]home

Last night was bizarre. I saw Cloverfield for the first time and it’s crazy and it’s one of those movies where I after I watched I wanted to hear what theories some people have around the world; so I looked at a couple forums and a FAQ page about it. In doing that I read some crazy stuff about actual unexplainable things that have happened. The Bloop for example……..quite weird. I’m a bit of a pansy so I can only do that kind of stuff like that for so long without freaking out so I thought I would look around on Google Earth for awhile because that’s always fun. I did that for awhile and then I clicked on the street view button to see what’s new there

That’s my house. BIZARRE. You can go all around Ft. Collins/Denver area on almost every street and look at everything. It was so crazy and somehow comforting. I went all around town for like an hour, looking at anything that came to mind. I don’t even understand how they do this, but I’m glad the boys at Google know how. That’s right, I said boys. There’s no way girls could do stuff this cool


6 thoughts on “there’s no place like [cyber]home

  1. to bad they don’t have “street view” pictures like that going through disneyland. That would be sweet. And yeah, girls definitely didn’t do this.

  2. I agree that it’s comforting. I do the same tours when I get homesick. Glad I’m not the only one. Thanks, I don’t feel weird anymore.

  3. We miss you Andrew and we are glad to know you are doing well!! We sure do miss you boy! I’m also glad to know you’re crotcheting. Aaron says he gets off work tomorrow at 3pm our time and he cant wait to talk to you! hopefully i will be there to so i can hear your melodious voice too! my brather just graduated and his party was today and it made me think of you and your party last year!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. I didn’t know you drove a sexy subaru legacy with a broken tail light and a dent in the back driver side! Wooooo.

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