I’m a scholar. I enjoy scholarly pursutes

Arrested Development is the best show that has ever been put onto American television. If you’ve never watched it, make it happen. I don’t care how you do it, but do it. Break the law if necessary. I am on my third run through of watching the series and it’s just as funny as ever. Funnier maybe. There have been things I’ve caught this time around that I didn’t notice my second time and things I wouldn’t understand the first time because the show hadn’t come full circle. I’m watching it with two people that haven’t ever watched it and that makes it a lot of fun because they’re eating it up. There are things in the show that I’ll laugh at because I can see it’s foreshadowing with something that will come up later in the season or the next season and the guys I’m watching don’t even understand. But they’ll see. And then they’ll love it. Today we watched two of my favorite episodes; Staff Infection and Best Man for the Gob. They both have some great lines from Buster, who after some deliberation is my favorite character. You can look forward to one of his quotes being featured on here in the not too distant future.

-Cherith Cutestory


One thought on “I’m a scholar. I enjoy scholarly pursutes

  1. Arrested Development is one of our faves – Josh’s fave, my 2nd (no one goes above The Office!). Anyhoo, I like that you like as well. We just watched the few episodes where Michael finally dates Sally Sitwell – and he finally ‘sticks it to her.’ Thanks for spreading the news about this wonderful show.

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