assessments are not as cool as arrested development

I’m sorry about the lack of anything worth reading within the last couple weeks. It’s these darn assessments. I worked on them a bunch today. Then I rewarded myself with an episode of Arrested Development and loved it. If you’re currently thinking, “ALRIGHT! Another post about that show!” then good for you. If you’re thinking, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Another post about that show!” then shut up. YOU just need to watch it more because there’s no way that you would be thinking that kind of garbage if you would just watch the show. Buster is for sure my favorite character. I kind of think you’re weird if he’s not your favorite character. Everything about him is so genius. I want to put a picture of Buster on this but my internet is going freakishly slow and I’m real tired so no can do. If you want to see him you can just type in Buster Bluth in Google Images. That’ll probably work


3 thoughts on “assessments are not as cool as arrested development

  1. I love this show. And I’m pretty it makes me like you more knowing how much you love this show. AD is a huge part of our marriage, and I pray one day you will find a girl that loves it as much as you do so that it becomes a cornerstone of your marriage.

  2. Arrested Development is soooo good. SO GOOD. Buster is really great, but I also like George Michael, and I think Tobias has a huge range of hilarity in him. I dunno, they’re all pretty darn funny.

  3. Arrested Development is pritty pritty amazing, but everyone knows that. Now if you start getting into Curb Your Enthusiasm, you let me know.

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