mi casa es new casa

I just finished moving everything into a new apartment. Same complex as what I lived in last semester, just one of the suites. Yeah that’s right a suite. Two stories, a chair AND a desk. I’m moving up baby. It took a long time today. I probably left some stuff up in the old one, but no problem. I can just walk up and get anything I left. I’ll get some pictures up but I’m still waiting for a few finishing touches including: a bunk bed, small entertainment center and perhaps some cool lighting.

I really want to see the new Batman. I heard it’s off the hook. There are some awesome movies coming out including:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-One of the coolest short stories ever by Mr F.S. Fitzgerald

X-Files-May be cool. Could make up for me watching only one episode ever

Star Trek-Same as X-Files

Gonzo-Probably what I’m most excited about. “A portrait of the late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.” Not to be confused with the lovable, long nosed Muppet

16 days until Sigur Ros rocketh my socketh.

Currently listening to:

Band of Horses-Cease to Begin

As Tall As Lions

Dntel-Dumb Luck

The Blood Brothers-Young Machetes



5 thoughts on “mi casa es new casa

  1. Andrew you just moved up a few notches in my cool rating with the fact that you not only want to see The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button as a movie, but you have actually read the story. Congratulations. Most people go down a few notches after I read their blog.

  2. Dude i am about to go down to Denver to see The Dark Knight in the IMAX!! i will update you on its amazing thrilling ability.

  3. there is a kid on little bill named andrew and he has red hair. not just any red hair. the kind that sticks up all crazy. why do i know this? well because im watching it with sailor thats why.

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