After nigh on one month I have decided to write again. I felt like I kept writing about boring stuff just to write something. I don’t know if that’s what I should do or if I should only write when I really have something to say. But some pretty cool/eventful things have happened; things worth mentioning.

Thing worth mentioning #1-I had a good midyear break with a couple trips into the city and a lot of lounging around the new place. Our house is now pretty rockin’. I got my bunk bed which is a tad teetery but still awesome and saves a lot of space. We have a big tv with a dvd player that can play dvd’s with any country code. We found the nicest couch ever down in the car park of the building where I live so we wiped it down and now have it……………I think that’s it. I bought a laundry basket………….that’s been nice. The only down side is we have to move out soon. Short lived

Thing worth mentioning #2-Friends from home came and visited for their vacation. They brought me some goods from the homeland that were well appreciated and we went to the zoo one day, had a couple meals together, went to a couple classes and a couple church services together. Huzzah

Thing worth mentioning #3-Two concerts in three days. Sigur Ros on August second was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. It was definitely the most expensive, so I was real glad. YouTube has captured a bit of the glory. Go here Gobbledigook and get a taste, especially from the 2:45 point and onward. That’s right………….confetti canons. On August seventh I got royally hooked up to see the Cold War Kids. Also a super rad concert but this time I paid a lot less. I paid nothing. That’s right………….guest list baby. One of my best friends’ sister knows them so she hooked it up.

Thing worth mentioning #3-I got a good job. I can work any day I’m able to and I get paid twenty bones an hour. It’s pretty rough. We’re getting all the scrap metal and salvageable material out of a building that’s going to get demolished. That means a lot of sledge hammering, angle grinding, wire clipping, 1,500lb motor dropping, wall smashing, and wound creating. But it’s awesome. The people I work with are cool and the boss is awesome. At the end of the day he always has a $100 challenge that is something ridiculous like trying to walk on a big barrel or a wheelbarrow race or something. It’s is a big time blessing

I don’t remember if I had anything else but I’m tired and am going to bed so that will be enough for now.

I’ll do better with the blog from now on……………maybe


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