Promise revoked

Alright fools I’m back. It’s been a nice little break, I’d like to call it a long refreshing nap. I didn’t really have much of a reason to stop writing. I was making this harder than it needed to be as if there were critics scrutinizing everything I say on this. I would write out of a kind of skewed mind set too, always writing with some sort of mission in mind to impress and whatnot. But all is well and thank you to those who expressed your sadness in me not writing. I am planning on enjoying writing again and trying to do it consistently. No guarantees.

Ok so get this crazy news. When I  just logged in to my wordpress profile thing I looked at my stats and was like, “WTF!?!?!?” because I had like 25,000 views in the last month………..and I haven’t posted anything since like August. At first I thought that maybe I should just stay stagnant with the blog since it was more successful since I quit. But then I found out it was because of this:macaulay-culkin

Thank youuuuuu Macaulay. Apparently the holidays bring up some nostalgic feelings for people and they want to check up on their favorite Hollywood kid-stars. Then they are surprised and repulsed by their findings and can’t stop checking and re-checking this picture. You can expect a lot more of that picture in future entrys. Oh yeah and I didn’t mean it when I said wtf. I wouldn’t say that. I’m a Christian


3 thoughts on “Promise revoked

  1. I like it better when you post new stuff (duh) so keep up the good work, oh and it is always interesting, don’t listen to rotten tomatos or any of those stupid critics, they are all dumb anyways…

  2. welcome back you nerd. i relate to the crazy blog stats. I got a few thousand from people looking up a picture of lorenzo lamas-the guy from renegade. I don’t expect you to actually know who that is, but apparently people are googling his picture like crazy. i look forward to NEW posts!!! yay!

  3. Maybe they googled him cus his sister died around that time? Some time before xmas if im not mistaken. And wasnt Lorenzo in Falcon Crest as well thatgirlkate??

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