Feel Good Lost

I only have 11 days left in America before heading back to Australia for another year, which is crazy because that means I have already been in America for more than 40 days. My emotions on going back are varying. I am more excited to go back than I ever was to go in the first place, probably because I have an actual something to go back to instead of the many obscure idea of something to go to like it was last year. I am also more sad to leave than I was a year ago because I know now how long a year away can feel when in the middle of the year, opposed to last year when I was in some ridiculous la-la-land thinking I had an iron heart. This year is definitely going to be awesome and I am excited and hopefully on the way to being ready for everything that God will do. And I still have a little less than two weeks here. Plenty of time to live it up. I better stock up on all the video games, taco bell, family, old friends, cold weather, and any actual good food of any sort before I leave……..because none of those will be within reach in two weeks…….12 days. Shandalodge.


Broken Social Scene-Feel Good Lost


Thrice-The Alchemy Index

The Appleseed Cast-Peregrine


Ripley’s Game

10 Books That Screwed Up the World


2 thoughts on “Feel Good Lost

  1. Hey man, I can’t find that Mexican place you told me about. I guess I’ll have to wait until you come back so that I can tie you to the passenger seat of my car and play old H/S albums until you tell me how to get there.

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