Continental Breakfast

I should have been on a plane to Sydney right now, but instead I am in San Francisco. Most people in my situation would be surprised, discouraged and frankly “P.O.’d”.

Am I any of the above stated emotions?

No; I saw this coming.


Because now out of the last three flights I’ve had between Australia and America, 3 have gone wrong. You may have had to read that twice before you realized that 3/3 is 100% of my flights gone wrong. So right now I am in a complimentary Embassy Suites on some poor suckers wifi. I’ve got some free breakfast in the morning, a few more hours sleep, check out, try to not get lost in San Francisco(or P.H.O.B.’d) and then fly to Sydney tomorrow night at 10:30. Technically tonight at 10:30. Holla.

The lone causes of worry are:

  • a potential late enrollment fee for college
  • no ride from the airport
  • a very smelly Andrew arriving in Sydney(not really a worry. more like a fact I’ve come to grips with)

One thought on “Continental Breakfast

  1. ah! seriously! what are the chances?! only you andrew. hopefully this won’t be another saga where everyone gets to know your name at the airport.

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