scratch ’em off the list

For the first time in my life I just:

  • watched Top Gun
  • completed a proper resume

Which brings me to my next point. Getting a job is possibly one of the suckiest things ever. Well……looking for a job. Getting one is quite nice. But looking/preparing to look for one is suuuuuuucky. It’s so flippin stressful. And they do it on purpose. I think it’s so they know if you’re serious. Well I am serious. Now the rest of the puzzle pieces just have to fall in place. I will force them in to place.



3 thoughts on “scratch ’em off the list

  1. so ummm top gun = AMAZING and resumes+ bringing them places in Sydney=boo but i like the stache and i hope you didn’t shave it off!! i didn’t check when i saw you today. mine is currently in the disgustache stage

  2. look at all the new phrases your learning, “proper” and “flippin”. next your going to ask if I want Vegemite on my biscuit.

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