new wrinkles

when I was little, my brother convinced me that every time you learn something new you get a wrinkle on your brain and that’s why old people have wrinkles. Their brain runs out of room so their skin receives the newly acquired proof of enlightenment. After not too long I realized he was lying, but only about the bit about the wrinkles going onto your skin. For like 10 years I was sure that every time you learned something your brain got a little bit more wrinkly.

Well if any of that were true, my brain would have taken on many a new wrinkle lately. I mostly like learning. I am still learning a lot about myself. I’m learning how to deal with my insecurities in a way that actually helps me progress in insecure areas; apparently that’s a first for me. I am also learning to distinguish between pride, principle and preference. I am learning that I have tons of time to do something “constructive” when I stop being lazy. I am learning that girls really are as stupid as I’ve always thought they were. I am learning that gross things happen when things don’t get cleaned up. I am learning that boys are even stupider than girls……..the list goes on. Well it doesn’t but that’s how I’ll wrap up this paragraph.

Remember how two posts ago I said I got a twitter account and then deleted it……….yeah I changed my mind.

Things I would like you to notice in this post:

  • My possibly incorrect use of a semicolon
  • I came up with that pride, principle and preference thing on the spot as I was writing. It’s still true, I just made it sound way good
  • I often times put a word in quotation marks if I am somewhat embarrassed using it.
  • Before this bullet point, this post was exactly 300 words long. it is now 315.

6 thoughts on “new wrinkles

  1. but seriously, LOVE reading your stuff. i’m pumped for all the things you’re learning. you rock my friend.

    p.s. this comment was exactly 24 words long. now 28.

  2. u made me lol when u said u were right about girls, u r so funny, and I decided to be obnoxious with short cuts. g2g, talk 2 u l8r,

    I now h8 myself for using those.

  3. I consider the extraordinary power that I have over young developing minds to be a great responsibility that I take very seriously.

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