First post longer than 140 characters in nearly seven months.

I am not going to make any false apologies or promises. I haven’t been updating; I don’t feel bad about it. What do you think about that. But I was just brushing my teeth before I go to bed and I was thinking, “Golly I’ve learned a lot this year”. So I decided I would blog about it. This is also because a few weeks ago I was talking to Isaiah Hupp (shout out) and he was upset that I haven’t put anything on here. And since he is the most stubborn human on the planet about things like Facebook, Twitter etc. and therefor has no real way of knowing what I am doing/thinking outside of this blog, I thought I would be a good friend. So I am going to make a bullet point list of some of the things I have learned throughout the year. Enjoy.

-The saying “Everything worth having does not come easy (or something like that)” is very true. But I realize that I notice this after I have the thing of worth and look back at how hard it came.

-Pretty girls are plenteous but girls I can actually enjoy being around are hard to come by.

-I like books more than I ever have before

-Australia is a hot country and I am a sweaty person

-Anyone that talks of how awesome they are, aren’t

-Anyone that will argue that they are a secure person, prove the opposite

-I like to sound smart

-Even if it gets you a girlfriend, busting out a guitar and singing at a party or public place is douchey. No matter how good your voice is.

-David Bazan makes me think.

-David Bowie is pretty awesome too.

-I have the coolest family on the planet.

-I am awesome and really secure. I will fight this to the grave

-Red hair has not gained the cool status that I have always dreamed it would. Yet

-Thrice, Brand New, Mute Math, Mew, Imogen Heap and Metric all made really good albums this year.

-Growing up is exciting. Sometimes in a crappy way and sometimes in an awesome way.

-My opinions on a lot of things are changing but don’t freak out

-I think too much. Seriously, I overthink everything

-Unjustifiably grouchy people piss me right off

-I like most people, but some really frustrate me. Hopefully in 2010 I will learn to focus on the good ones instead of getting frustrated with the others.

-Honest people are way more fun to hang out with

-I want to get better at a lot of things.

-I suck at keeping in touch with a lot of people I  really care about.

-Bad words are mostly funny. But when they aren’t, soooo awkward.

-Please don’t argue why you don’t like Twitter to me, I am only a moderate fan.

-I like mornings

-I make a really good chai tea latte

I want to think of more because this is fun. But I’m pretty tired. If anyone reads this you should post a comment, no matter what. Anything. I would be very interested to know if anyone does

I love my family


8 thoughts on “First post longer than 140 characters in nearly seven months.

  1. Saw your post on Twitter about nobody being able to find your blog…..took it as a personal challenge. 😉

    Loved reading this post on like 10 levels. Sounds like you’re learning some cool things! And I also thoroughly enjoy bow your mind works and getting a look on the inside. 🙂

    A few things I’m learnng in bullet form:

    – I judge people in my head all the time. Not cool. Need to work on that. Look at the grace Jesus has shown me…..I should also be gracious, loving, embracing of all people.

    – Full time ministry is hard….one of the most challeng things I’ve ever done, but SO worth it.

    – Everything they say in Bible college about life and ministry is true. Just take them at their word.

    – The most valuable thing in life is people…..invest. Don’t make excuses. If you love, you give. If you love, you sacrifice. If you love, you change.

    – I love steak more than the normal person.

    – I will always be obsessed with Bon Iver.

    – I talk way more than I do. Need to do more….”Let us not love with words and tongue, but with actions and in truth.”

    – I’m more of an introvert than I realized before.

    – My parent are phenomenal.

    – Macs rule.

  2. Good wisdom – but you should try to filter the people that visit your blog to make sure that your precious pearls aren’t cast before swine. A lot of swine ares on the intra-webs these days… probably a sign of the end times.

  3. Saw your post on twitter and made it a point to read your blog. ha!

    I actually wrote a rather extensive bullet list as well, but my phone ate it. Boo.

    Ah well, a few quick ones then…

    – I LOVE steak more than the normal person.

    – Full time ministry is hard but SO worth it.

    – Everything they tell you at Bible college is true. Just trust them.

    – It annoys me when people don’t understand the concept of a merge lane….it’s the merge lane because it’s where you merge….hence “merge” lane, not “stop” lane.

    – I judge people all the time. Not cool. Need Jesus to help me with that.

    – Life is about people….invest. When you love, you give. When you love, you sacrifice. When you love, you change.

    And done.

    Keep it real son! 😉

  4. dear andrew,
    I heartily appreciate the shout out. I love to hear your voice, even if it is only in my head through your words. Thank you for talking to me (even if everybody else heard it), and you are my favorite. I should get facebook under an alias just to listen to what you have to say. I miss you more than I should, thank you for writing again.

  5. Dear Drew,

    I like this. It makes me miss you. But in a good way. The way in which you know that you are apart from someone solely so that they can grow into the person they are meant to be.

    I’m glad you’re growing and learning and I think you should try and write more often because I would like to read more often. And your blog is on the top of my reading list.

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