so hot

Sydney was the hottest place on the planet earth today.

Take that Sahara Desert


there it is


what thuf

I keep trying to upload a picture on here of my mustache but it won’t let me. This picture is close enough.

the cool thing is, I don’t know what will possess me to shave it off at any point. I have reasons to keep it on and don’t have any reason to take it off, so logic tells me to keep it. Rock

The best invention of all time is:

a fan.

this kind


not this kind


Continental Breakfast

I should have been on a plane to Sydney right now, but instead I am in San Francisco. Most people in my situation would be surprised, discouraged and frankly “P.O.’d”.

Am I any of the above stated emotions?

No; I saw this coming.


Because now out of the last three flights I’ve had between Australia and America, 3 have gone wrong. You may have had to read that twice before you realized that 3/3 is 100% of my flights gone wrong. So right now I am in a complimentary Embassy Suites on some poor suckers wifi. I’ve got some free breakfast in the morning, a few more hours sleep, check out, try to not get lost in San Francisco(or P.H.O.B.’d) and then fly to Sydney tomorrow night at 10:30. Technically tonight at 10:30. Holla.

The lone causes of worry are:

  • a potential late enrollment fee for college
  • no ride from the airport
  • a very smelly Andrew arriving in Sydney(not really a worry. more like a fact I’ve come to grips with)

oh my

I leave tomorrow for another year in Australia. I am excited. I keep reminding myself of that or else I get nervous and anxious. I will miss you all.


psalm 23


This last weekend was Jr High Winter Camp. I have been to almost 20 Jr High camps that have all been amazing, but this camp was honestly the best yet. There was an unspeakable awareness of knowing I was with God more than I had ever been before. I really wish I could explain it more. No one will be able to understand until they have had the same experience. If someone would have asked me if I have had that feeling before this weekend I probably would have said that I had. I wouldn’t have been very right. I really did learn a new side of having a relationship with God this weekend. I feel like for one of the first times in my life I actually tried to give God the praise he deserves. It all sounds pretty standard cheesy but it doesn’t feel standard or cheesy at all. It feels realer than it ever has, which is exactly what I need. I have never been much of a real person. I’m trying hard to migrate away from being so fake all the time and last weekend I tried to be very real with God and he was, in turn, able to be more real with me than I can remember. I am trying to see what it’s like to really center my life around Jesus. It’s not hard right now because there are recent memories in my head motivating me to do so. My goal is to not let time recoup the past. It’s easy right now to remember that God’s presence really is the most inordinate sense of satisfaction I could have; which makes staying away from a perversion of satisfaction in any form easier. Right now. But I have felt similar emotions before and I have seen them melt away into a hazy memory of God being a pretty good idea that will help me sometimes. That is my challenge I guess. Keep God real in my life. Not by fabricating memories or lying about experiences or being spiritual but by working on our relationship as if I were really trying to get to know someone. I don’t know how to wrap this up.

I am growing a mustache again

I leave for Australia in 4 days

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